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Marketing Strategy: What It Is, How It Works, How To Create One

What Is a Marketing Strategy? A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements. A thorough marketing strategy covers the four Ps of marketing: product, price, […]

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2023

In 2023, an estimated 571.16 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on digital advertising worldwide. This is a 16.2 percent rise from the $491.70 billion spent in 2021. Companies of all kinds are spending money on digital marketing agencies to do the job for them. If you’re here, we’re willing to bet it’s because you see an […]

How To Do Email Marketing for Small Businesses in 6 Steps

Email performs better than social media. We said it. Sixty percent of people prefer receiving promotional emails, while only 20% want to see ads on social media. In addition, emails are more effective at selling—6.05% of email recipients end up buying compared to social media’s 1.9%. The problem with email marketing is that it can be […]


More than 340 billion emails are sent daily. This figure is expected to reach 376 billion daily emails by the end of 2025. Email marketing strategies have changed over the years. What worked five years ago, now no longer works. But it’s still a key player to any marketing strategy. In fact, for the very best online marketers’ email […]